Eastbourne Antique Centre

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Day time television. Love it or hate it it really does can inspire you to take up a new past time. The items we buy today literally are tomorrows antiques (if you keep them in good condition). On a recent visit to Bexhill museum we coveted the Darth Vader action figure collector case (full of loose figures) it was only 30 years ago that we were playing with these collectors items. Palitoy, the manufacture of all thing Star Wars understood that todays items would increase in value.

Anyway, back to day time TV. Bargain Hunt, David Dickinson & the Antiques Roadshow these shows demonstrate that some items in your home really do have history and have a monetory value.

The Eastbourne Antique centre offers valuations and advice from professional dealers that have a excellent knowledge and selection of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian antiques, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, jewellery, silver and 20th century collectables e.g Doulton, Lladro, Beswick etc.

They also buy many types of collectables, jewellery and precious metals at great prices. We suggest that instead of watching another episode of Bargain Hunt that you pop in and see what historical item you would like to take home.


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