Wow and Flutter

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Remember your favourite shop when you were kid. Not the one around the corner. The shop which you relied on a lift to from a grown up. That shop that advertised in the comics that you read. You could buy certain items from their catalogue and you paid with postal orders. That shop for me was Forbidden Planet.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I walked past the life size Boba Fett, turning right past all the figurines in their glass displays to face a barrage of familiar video game & superhero logos in mint packaging. Browsing was awesome 1000s of graphic novels, Miller, Moore, Gibson, Wagner & O’Neil. Forbidden Planet had it all. London. Sigh, A long expensive train journey away. I wish I was 12 now. Wow and Flutter would be my Forbidden Planet.

Wow & Flutter (ask the owners where the name originates from) sell pre-owned records and books, and other geeky essentials. You’ll love this … they also serve Volcano Coffee and TeaPigs!

Established in 2014, the owners – Tim and Susan – are collectors at heart and want to inspire Hastings to share it’s love of music and art to the masses.

They are living their dream. Pop in an encourage them because they have something wonderful going on. Town City Card members get a 10% discount on vinyl, cds, toys, books & comics.



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