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Cannot be used with another promotion or group or family tickets. 4 people per Town City Card.

Smuggler’s Adventure in Hastings invites you to step back in time though mysterious tunnels and caverns to discover the dark secrets of the smugglers.

Join notorious smuggler ‘Hairy Jack’ as he leads you through acres of underground caverns, passages and tunnels on a voyage back through time to the heyday of smuggling.

Over 70 life-sized characters, new eerie lighting, sound effects and dramatic recreations bring this mysterious , dangerous and often blood thirsty world vividly to life!

Their interactive displays with hands-on games and activities for children ensure Smugglers Adventure is a great day out for all the family. Town City Card members save £1 on admission.



Cobourg Place, West Hill, Hastings, East Sussex

01424 422964

Cheap Valium Uk


Open daily from 10am between April 1st 2018 – October 31st 2018

Order Diazepam Australia

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