Shirley Leaf & Petal Company

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The Shirley Leaf & Petal Company is one of those places that you walk past a thousand times. On first appearances you may dismiss it as a florist. However the more inquisitive among us will venture in for truly one the Hastings Old Towns gems.

Perhaps if we had listed this amazing place as Hastings Flower Factory many of you would have said “Heard of of it but have never been there”. We were like you it’s only because of the card that we ventured in. Brenda, the owner since 1981 is a delight. Always busy, making 1 of 100s of monthly orders. Her clients include world famous theatres (every leaf of the stage production of the Gruffolo was made here), as were the artificial twigs and leaves in the movies Reign of Fire, Kingdom Of Heaven & Gladiator.

The business was originally founded in London but relocated to Hastings in 1910. The main demand was for bridal flowers and the business rapidly expanded. Over 100 workers made waxed flowers, leaves, fruit & berries with hand tools, copper wax pots and veining machines in their homes.

The business is open to the public and if you venture past the counter there is a vast museum where you can discover the history of this unique company. There are over 1000 hand made tools, moulds, carvings for every type of flower and plant you can imagine. Visit soon!



58A High St, Hastings, East Sussex

TN34 3EN<

01424 427793


Monday – Saturday 9.30 am to 5pm