Rock Optika

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Sunglasses have always been ‘cool’ spectacles have never been ‘cooler’. RockOptika was founded in 2008 by eyewear designerThomas Herrington. Since its inception 5 years ago ‘Rocks’ unique styling and genuine hand made finish has propelled this independent British labels’ sunglasses & spectacles to cult status; worn by Rock stars, actors, and the discerning general public from London to Sydney and anywhere cool in between.

Core to the brands’ success is a genuine attention to authenticity and the outright quality of the finished product.Thomas Herrington draws inspiration from an eclectic blend of Sci-fi, classic automobilia, modernist architecture musical movements and glam vintage sunnies.

The manufacturer, based in Rhone-Alp, France is one of the worlds’ finest producers of luxury hand made eyewear. The process will take three weeks of cutting, filing, tumbling, polishing and assembling by the team of three highly skilled artisans. Using the finest Italian acetates and old fashioned pinned joints, a RockOptika frame is truly going to last and look fantastic for years. A real inheritance piece.

The new RockOptika ‘Labels’ collection is available today. 10% off with any TownCityCard.


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