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Key Property Online Estate Agents is based in Hastings. Robert  is passionate about this very special town. He is privileged to have amassed over 10 years experience working in the exciting property market of 1066 Country; affording him a detailed knowledge of the unique tapestry of towns and villages that make up this vibrant area.

Robert began his career in corporate sales before being lucky enough to work with some of the top independent Estate Agents in the area, and then made the natural progression to the dynamic online sector. Online tools can be employed to maximum advantage when negotiating the fast-paced 1066 local property market, and they can often outperform the high street. One major advantage of employing an online agent, is managing overheads: Robert can keep costs low, enabling him to pass the savings on to you, whilst maintaining exemplary customer service and results.

Town City Card members receive a 10% discount off the modern sales package.

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