Handsome Bikes

As part of my sales fleet I have a backpack flag which is mildly embarrassing to wear, a gazebo which is far too big and a rather handsome Amsterdam cargo bike. The cargo bike has an innovative trailer which I “installed” myself. Installed in a very loose term to use because my installation caused the malfunction of the the rather necessary and previously working chain.

So the trailer remained attached to the bike the chain fell off three times from the roundabout at the top of St Helens Road & the Welcome Stranger pub. To say the very least a bike without the means to propel it along a flat suface leet alone a hill is useless. Handsome Bikes however are very useful. They repaired and kitted out my bike with a new kickstand, grips and undid my rubbish attempt at engineering.

Handsome Bikes is owned and run by Rowan & Mike together they have over 16 years experience of cycle retail. Together they offer an impressively equipped showroom with everything from balance bikes to cruisers and the the very trendy Brompton folding bicycle. Rowan & Mike take time to listen to what you think you might need and offer a cycling solution that will definitely meet your needs. If your bike needs a repair you can book it in and observe it being serviced at the Open Bar Workshop by their Cytech Qualified Mechanics. If you are after a new cycling outfit they even have a changing room.

The reasons for starting their own store was to be able to give honest advice to the customer. They recommend the simplicity of a single speed, the simple aesthetics and most importantly black bikes are cool. Which fits the description of my fully functioning bike courtesy of Handsome Bikes.


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