Fit Club

The Rules of Fit Club !!

1. You join up because you want to get fit !! – If you show us the commitment by turning up we will make sure you follow through

2. Tell EVERYONE about Fit Club !! – Don’t keep a good thing secret, now you’ve found us spread the word!

3. Don’t bring cakes to the class, they will be stomped on !! It could get messy !

4. You are in direct competition with yourself and yourself only, its time to become the victor !! Before you come to class always look yourself in the mirror and growl or roar. We can tell if you haven’t!

5. Every time you feel yourself saying you can’t do it, tell yourself to shut up and just DO IT ! Be on your side always !

6. Always make friends at Fit club, bring your friends too, we are all friendly really.

But seriously, if you ever wanted a lighthearted yet serious approach to fitness then you couldn’t have asked for a better contradiction !

We will get you to get yourself fit and healthy and show you how to keep it that way, fitness should be fun sustainable and maintainable.

Classes are outdoors and we never let the weather put us off, sometimes we workout so hard the sun comes out, other times lighting strikes !

£1.50 off all personal training 121’s

£3 for a drop in instead of £5 to any class,

50% off 6 week programme that looks like £45 instead of £90 Includes an eating strategy for fitness

 with your Hastings Card/TownCityCard membership

Terms & Conditions Apply.

 Cannot be used with another promotion.

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