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Professional Oven Cleaning. “I do the chore you hate at a price you’ll love”

It’s a dirty job, why do it yourself? I can deep clean your oven and remove all traces of grease and burnt on carbon in your home. Don’t worry, how dirty your oven is, I will have seen much worse for sure. I have a set price list for standard ovens as I don’t like the idea of saying “prices from”. All too often people are lured in, only to find that there are all sorts of extra charges and they end up paying a lot more than they thought. It doesn’t matter how dirty your oven is or how long it takes to clean the price is the same. I currently don’t any charge extra to clean hobs either.

My cleaning method effectively removes oven debris using environmentally friendly non-caustic products only available commercially, no fumes, no smell, safe for pets and children. Firstly, all removable parts of your oven are put in a dip tray where the grease and burnt on food deposits are removed. I will then apply a caustic-free formula to the interior of your oven. Using specialist tools, scraping and scrubbing all traces of carbon, grease and fat are removed leaving the oven in excellent condition.

The doors can usually be removed and split aart to clean between the glass panels unless the oven is a sealed unit. The fan and fan plate on an electric oven are also removed and cleaned when possible. Any carbon behind the fan is removed as this is the usual cause of smoking from the oven at high temperatures and, in extreme cases, can be a fire hazard. The oven is then re-assembled, polished and the exterior degreased. Stainless steel ovens, hobs and extractors are also oiled to leave a highly polished finish.

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