A21 Computers

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A21 Computers offer an excellent & reliable computer repair service in Hastings. Their superior technology repair service has provided clients with 20 years customer satisfaction and their highly skilled team have the latest tools and software to test, upgrade and fix computers, laptops, Macs, smartphones, consoles and more.

They offer wide range of repairs and upgrades for all the current games consoles including Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Sony PS3, PS4 and Nintendo systems.

Common issues include freezing and lock ups, overheating, RROD (red ring of death on Xbox), YLOD (yellow light of death on PS3), distorted graphics or no video output and sound issues.

A21 Computers will price match the latest game releases and offer a wide range of retro and next-gen pre-owned games & new titles. If you are an avid gamer and want to support a local business we recommend that you give Amazon a miss and check out their shop. TownCityCard members can ask for the monthly exclusive discount. Let us know how much you save!


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