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 Cannot be used with another promotion.

Excludes Rim Fire ammunition & Air Rifle pellets.

1066 Target Sports is an indoor target sports hub in Hastings, East Sussex, Providing a warm, dry, and well lit environment, suitable for all the family. Open to all ages and abilities children are assessed on arrival and will only be permitted to use the activities suitable for their abilities.

1066 Target Sports provide tuition and lane hire for Archery, Target Air Rifle, Live Rim Fire, Target Cross bow, catapult, Axe, Knife & shovel throwing. 1066 Target Sports provide safe and responsible target sport practices and principles for shooting enthusiasts. Built to exacting International standards their gallery is a key training / leisure facility open to the professional sports person, local clubs and the general public alike.

You must bring photo ID on the day of your visit & ensure that you wear sensible shoes that protect your toes. 1066 Target Sports is the ONLY sports centre to offer this wide range of target sports under one roof making it unique to the UK!

10% off with your TownCityCard.


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