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Cannot be used with existing promotions. Excludes, beer, wine & spirits.

The White Hart Netherfield is a privately owned family run free house and restaurant offering good quality wines, ales and spirits combined with a new modern menu, of locally sourced and selected food. The menu consists predominantly of traditional home cooked food with a specials board offering further choices that may be in season. Their menu is designed to suit all tastes and budgets. Well behaved children and dogs are welcome.

The pub is a popular venue for walkers enjoying the surrounding countryside and the excellent network of footpaths.Records have been found dating back to 1760 showing a Public House on this site, the original pub occupied the front bar area and the small section around the bar with an outhouse. Today the pub has been extended to include the restaurant and summer room. The extensive views from the restaurant bar, ‘Antler’ room and gravelled terrace are some of the most beautiful in Sussex, and give a large sweeping panorama of the Vale of Ashburnham immortalised by the painter William Turner (1775 – 1851)

The White Hart doesn’t claim to be a ‘gastro pub’ but their concept is simple: “We produce good, honest, pub food- served in a stylish way!” So whether it’s a lunchtime drink and a quick bite… or maybe an evening meal, just come up the hill and pop in…. The White Hart will make you very welcome. TownCityCard members receive a free soft or hot drink with any main meal.

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