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Cannot be used with another promotion

In the historic and beautiful town of Battle (remember the Battle of Hastings, which was fought between Harold the Saxon king and William the Conqueror in 1066, in which William won and built the fabulous Battle Abbey!) stands ‘Cut & Grill’ within the busy high street. Cut & Grill is a steakhouse serving delicious steaks, burgers & grills.

Managed by Paul Noble (Head Chef), who has over 30 years as a chef & Debbie Noble (Front of House Manager) the emphasis is on quality local Sussex produce. They genuinely care about their produce and its origin and support their local suppliers, farmers & butchers. All the produce comes within a 20 mile radius of the restaurant.

There is great kids & smaller appetite menu too, along with large & mini homemade desserts, great range of local & international beers, ales, ciders & wines!Cut & Grill is a steakhouse serving delicious steaks, burgers & grills. TownCityCard members receive a complimentary tea or coffee with any main meal.



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