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 Cannot be used with existing promotions. A starter pack must be purchased first,

Trophy Pet Foods in East Sussex offer 15% off your next order when you purchase a Trophy dog starter pack. The pack includes:

3kg of complete dog food from our Premium or Lifestyle range…

395g tin of holistic wet dog food

Plastic, sealable kibble box

Measuring cup

Product information

For £11.50 or less a great introduction to Trophy foods.

Free delivery by Marc, your local Trophy franchisee.

9 varieties in each range. Most dietary needs catered for. Wheat gluten free, grain free, joint maintenance and sensitive options available.

Visit their Starter Pack webpage at Cheap Valium Uk

Visit their webpage for ‘how to order’ information. Buy Valium Eu

Trophy Pet Foods is a specialist, mobile pet food company producing quality British made premium pet foods, delivered free & direct to your door via their nutritionally trained local advisors. It is their mission to enhance the well-being of our UK pets by providing premium nutritional products with superior performance, quality, and value; plus the best customer service around.

Town City Card members get 15% off your next order.


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