The Bookkeeper

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We discovered The Bookkeeper during the Kings Road Street Market. The store is simply filled with books of every genre and age. The owners are very knowledgeable about their collection and if you do not have time to browse they will be able to locate the book you are looking for. Books of any genre, age or condition can be bought and sold.

The Bookkeeper exhibits art work and promotes local talent with spoken word events in partnership with other similar businesses.

The Bookkeeper really want you to browse. The owners want you to explore their rows of bookshelves and don’t mind how long you take. The book that was sold prior to our visit was being read by an old gentleman outside their shop window in provided seating. The trains can arrive late for as long as they like…. we’ll be found in The Bookkeeper!



1a Kings Road, St Leonards on sea, East Sussex

TN37 6EA

07938 969673


Monday – Saturday : 9 am – 5 pm



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