Wyntercon 5

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Now in its 5th year, WynterCon is an award winning, strictly non-profit event that specialises in multi genre family friendly entertainment, showcasing and celebrating hobbies and achievements across the entire fantasy media spectrum.

Unlike the current trend in conventions, they do not believe in them being reduced to the madness of signfest fever, with high prices, long queues and minimal entertainment value and absolutely no sense of community.

Instead they concentrate on a very relaxed atmosphere in the wonderful environment of the classic Winter Gardens site. The team stage various all-age workshops in arts and crafts, artist sketchings and portfolio reviews by high profile editors and publishers, plus they also provide a strictly limited number of wide-ranging small businesses the opportunity to showcase their wares in costume making, print memorabilia, medieval swords, role-playing games, cosplay, balloons and even falconry. But first and foremost try to create a wonderful atmosphere, offering entertainment for everybody through the wonderful world of fantasy.

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