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Cannot be used with existing promotions. The discount is valid for 4 people per Town City Card.

The Rye Castle Museum, also known as the The Ypres Tower, is thought to have been built in the early 14th century as part of the Rye’s defences and is the second oldest building open to the public in the town. The Tower has had a chequered history and as you look round the inside you can see some of those changes in the blocked windows and doorways.

The Tower has also has fascinating exhibits. The newest is a replica of the gibbet with skull of John Breads whose story is told here. Other recent additions are a new model of the changes in the local shoreline and the Ypres Tower Embroidery, created by a team of stitchers over a period of several years and depicting the Tower’s roles through nine centuries of history — as defence, private home, prison, mortuary, museum . . .

Town City Card members receive a 50p discount on adult admission.

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