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Here is Town City Cards ‘must visit’ for eating out in cafes, restaurants & diners in Sussex. They all give Town City Card members a free drink with a main menu meal. Why? They want to thank you for eating in their family run businesses….

Cheap Valium Uk

Bullet, Hastings – free tea or coffee!

Bullet Coffee House is local family-run coffee-house and eatery, serving homemade food with vegetarian and vegan options in the American Ground. A sophisticated, low-cost, quirky place for all.

They also offer a catering service for your event, party or meeting. They are able to prepare the dishes to your specifications. The choice of dishes need not be tied to their current menu.

Bullet Coffee House in Hastings offers an event hosting service. The combined upstairs and downstairs areas are ideal for parties and other events. Parties, dinners, fashion shows, charity events, meetings, talks and gigs will stand out a mile if you hire Bullet. Bullet also has wall space available for exhibitions by local artists. Free coffee when you buy a meal with your 1066 Card on weekdays & Sundays. Thank you Bullet!

Buy Valium Eu

2. Cut & Grill, Battle – free tea or coffee!

In the historic and beautiful town of Battle (remember the Battle of Hastings, which was fought between Harold the Saxon king and William the Conqueror in 1066, in which William won and built the fabulous Battle Abbey!) stands ‘Cut & Grill’ within the busy high street. Cut & Grill is a steakhouse serving delicious steaks, burgers & grills.

Managed by Paul Noble (Head Chef), who has over 30 years as a chef & Debbie Noble (Front of House Manager) the emphasis is on quality local Sussex produce. They genuinely care about their produce and its origin and support their local suppliers, farmers & butchers. All the produce comes within a 20 mile radius of the restaurant.

There is great kids & smaller appetite menu too, along with large & mini homemade desserts, great range of local & international beers, ales, ciders & wines!Cut & Grill is a steakhouse serving delicious steaks, burgers & grills. 1066 Card members receive a complimentary tea or coffee with any main meal.


Buy Valium Europe

3. Goat Ledge – free tea or Americano!

Goat Ledge is a Fish Hut, Ice Cream Cafe and Beach Bar in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. Buy a main menu meal and get your tea or americano for free with the 1066 Card. Fresh local fish from Hastings Old Town – right on the beach!

Buy Diazepam England

4. Maggies, Hastings – free tea, coffee or squash!

The largest & freshest portion of fish & chips you will ever order in Hastings. Ordering a ‘Large’ would not be out of place on that Man vs Food TV show.

Maggie’s is a local legend where delicious food and & warm smiles are guaranteed. One more piece of advice…book a table! Free drink with any main menu meal for 1066 Card members.

Buy Diazepam Legally Online

5. Nazar, Hastings – free glass of house wine!

Nazar in Hastings is a family run restaurant with a professional team. An experienced Head Chef who is passionate about and team who want you to enjoy their warm hospitality.

The menu is predominately Turkish with some English dishes available. Nazar have selected the finest wines, beers & spirits to accompany your meal. They also offer a range of soft beverages and traditional Turkish tea & strong coffee. Free glass of house wine with any main menu meal for 1066 Card members.

Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia

6. Pizzarelli, St Leonards-on-sea – free glass of house wine, lager or soft drink!

Pizzarelli is a cool independent restaurant & takeaway located under the shadow of the historic Marine Court in St Leonards. Whilst pizza on the beach will never replace fish & chips it does make an exciting alternative. Pizzarelli make everything fresh on the premises this includes their coleslaw, dough balls and of course the pizza dough which is made from 00 Italian flour.

Pizzarelli also offer freshly prepared calzones, coleslaw (pink!), salads and desserts. They can also deliver a selection of cured meats and marinated mixed olives with artichoke hearts and roasted peppers. We don’t get takeaway pizza anywhere else anymore. Check out their Facebook page for new deals. Oh, with your 1066 Card membership you can get an a free drink when you eat in the restaurant.

Buy Diazepam 2Mg Tablets

7. Poffleys, St Leonards-on-sea – free tea or coffee!

Poffley’s Coffee Shop in St Leonards is very popular. The shop is on the seafront serving all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, hot specials & homemade cakes. The decor is colourful with plenty of tables inside & out.v

Poffley’s try their very best to cater to everyone in particular celiacs. Poffley’s only ever use gluten free flour for all of our cakes and scones and we use gluten free stock, bread, pasta and sausages. Of course, they do have three wheat breads to offer in the form of granary, white and sour dough which is locally sourced from the wonderful Oak Bakery in St. Leonards.

Pop in to Poffley’s Coffee Shop and browse the full menu. 1066 Card members receive a free tea or coffee with every main meal.

Valium Sold Online

8. Smith’s, St Leonards-on-sea – free tea or americano!

‘Smiths’ offers a welcoming environment with sofas for relaxing and tables for dining, for everyone. Offering a break for a coffee and homemade cake, a lazy breakfast/brunch, lunch with friends or a formal gathering.

Smiths cook all their food to order using fresh/honest ingredients – the way it should be. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and special dietary requirements catered for and they also offer private bookings for dinners, birthdays and business functions. Outside catering for weddings, family dinners and office lunches. Anything else, just ask and they will see what they can do. 1066 Card members receive a free tea or americano with every main menu meal.

Order Diazepam Australia

9. Scolfes Tea Shoppe – free hot drink

Scolfes Tea Shoppe, B&B and Gardens is a family run business in Boreham Street, near Herstmonceux, East Sussex. Wherever possible they source and home-cook and bake very local or British seasonal produce.

Come for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. Scolfes will exceed your expectations. All of their dishes are lovingly handmade in their kitchen so if you want it ‘your way’ they are happy to tweak their recipes wherever possible.

1066 Card members receive a complimentary regular hot drink per cardholder with every main menu meal purchase.

Valium Online

10 & 11 White’s Seafood & Steak Bar , Hastings & Battle – free glass of house wine, lager or soft drink!

Alex and Ellie proudly welcome you to Whites Seafood & Steak Bar, their family run restaurant, set in the Old Chapel in Battle High Street & George Street Hastings.

Whether enjoying an impromptu lunch chosen from Whites one and two course light lunch menu or a romantic evening meal, you are guaranteed a warm welcome and excellent service to complement their deliciously tempting locally sourced menu. 1066 Card members are welcome to a free small beer, lager or house wine when you order a main menu meal.

How to get a 1066 Card in your pocket!

11 fantastic reasons (out of 400!) to have a 1066 Card in your pocket. We have a great offer for two 1066 Cards (while stocks last) saving you and a friend £4.99. Order today and your 1066 Cards will be with you in two to three days and valid until the end of 2019. We’ve already got over 400 of the best independents in Sussex but we’re adding more all the time and we’ve got some very exciting additions coming up!

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