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Cannot be used with existing promotions. Excludes sight tests & hearing aids. Branch managers decision is final.

Barracloughs The Opticians is an independent family run business that has been established over 60 years. They have branches in St. Leonards-on-sea, Battle, Eastbourne, Lewes, Polegate, Seaford & Uckfield. At Barracloughs they understand that quality and service really do matter, which is why you will find fully qualified Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians at all of their eight practices across the East Sussex coast.

Barracloughs invest in the latest technology and equipment such as OCT, DNEye Scanners and Retinal Photography plus keeping the practices modern and up to date has all helped in reaching the 60 year milestone. However, a significant contribution has been made by the people working in the company and a large proportion of their staff have been with them for many years enabling them to build excellent relationships with their clients. The business is optimistic and enthusiastic about the future and committed to providing traditional values of service and care combined with a modern approach.

Town City Card members receive a 10% discount on frames lenses & accessories.

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