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Cannot be used with another promotion. Six adult per TownCityCard

“Delve into the heart of Hastings Town centre on this brand new walking tour revealing crimes old and new, some creepy, some tragic, and one which is pure comedy!”

Curator Joel Griggs says: “Our new True CRIME WALK gives a fascinating insight in to Hastings’ criminal history. The eerie after-hours tour takes you on journey through time exploring intriguing cases and stumbling upon some interesting and unsuspecting locations”


Dates for the walks are as follows –

4th April – 7:30pm

11th April – 7:30pm

6th May – 4pm

7th May – 4pm

27th May – 4pm

28th May – 4pm

1st August – 7:30pm

10th October – 7:30pm

Start/Finish at The True CRIME Museum, Hastings Seafront, TN34 1JP. Tickets £10.00 per person, it will last approximately 1hr50.

Book your place IN ADVANCE ONLY calling 01424 420 115 or email info@truecrimemuseum.co.uk

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