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Buy Valium Visa, Buy Diazepam London

Terms & Conditions.

Cannot be used with another promotion.

Monkey Paw is sited in the middle of the Britannia Enterprise Centre…..a mixed bag of businesses, creatives, individuals, collecters, carpenters, metalworkers, musicians and a cafe!

The site was originally a stableyard, with the horses at the bottom and haylofts and accommodation around the top.

Monkey Paw lives in an old hay loft and we still have the loading doors and the original winch wheel in the pitched roof.

It’s a really interesting, inspiring place and I love it.. Custom and flash work. All styles catered to. Reworks/cover ups a speciality. Relaxed, friendly studio. Pain relief available.



Unit 13, The Britannia Enterprise entre, Waterworks Road, Hastings, East Sussex

TN34 1RT

07423 059706

Cheap Valium Uk


Thursdays 9.30am till 3pm.

Fridays 9.30am till 3pm.

Saturdays 10.00am till 4pm.

Appointments can be made for any day of the week and some evenings. If you can’t make the walk in times, or would like to come in and discuss your ideas, please just give me a call on 07423059706 and we can arrange a time that suits you.

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