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Cannot be used with existing promotions.

Hastings Town Centre Market is on every Thursday from 9am – 3pm & the Saturday Hastings Market (2 and 4th Saturday of month) is open from 9am-4pm

There are over 30 stalls selling fresh produce, bags, books, flowers, clothes, homeware, tea & fresh bread.

The market is now run as a co-operative a not for profit IPS (Industrial and Provident Society).
They are mainly independent traders who live within a 45 mile radius of Hastings making the produce sold local and fresh.

Hastings Town Centre Market is on every Thursday from 9am – 3pm. There are over 30 stalls selling fresh produce, bags, books, flowers, clothes, homeware, tea & fresh bread. A number of stall holders have either a 10% discount or special offer. These include:

The French Delicatessen – French produce. 10% off

Funky K K – Children’s fashion. Free accessory with a £10 spend.

Sales from the Crypt – Jewellery & steam punk10% discount.

The Proper Tea Co – Tea. Save a £1 when you buy two teas.

Sole Trader – Socks, gloves & under garments, Monthly offers

Punktrash- Tshirts & accessories. Free accessory when you spend £20

Ted’s Adventure – Children’s clothes10% discount when you spend £15

Sussex Wild Food Co – Butchers. 10% discount

A number of stall holders have either a 10% discount or special offer. Just show your card & ask for their discount.


The French Delicatessen

10% discount on all purchases with any Town City Card.


Sussex Wild Food Co

10% discount on all purchases with any Town City Card.


The Proper Tea Company

2 Teas for £8 (save £1) with any Town City Card.


Punk Trash

Free accessory when you spend £20 with any Town City Card.


Funky KK.

Clothes & accessories for kids. Free accessory when you spend £10 with any Town City Card.


Ted's Adventure

10% discount when you spend £15 with any Town City Card.


Sock Dome

Monthly offers with any Town City Card.


Sales From The Crypt

10% discount with any Town City Card.


07752 240222


Hastings Market every Thursday

Saturday Hastings Market (2 and 4th Saturday of month) 9am-4pm

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