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Valium Cheap Online, Where To Buy Valium In Dublin

Hastings Miniature Railway is a 10.25″ (260 mm) gauge miniature railway located on the seafront of Hastings Old Town, East Sussex.
The railway opened on 5th June 1948 and still remains a popular tourist attraction to the present day.

50p off all journeys

with your TownCityCard membership

Terms & Conditions Apply.

 Cannot be used with another promotion.

6 people per one TownCityCard membership.



Rock-a-nore, Hastings East Sussex

07773 645 228

Cheap Valium Uk


February Half Term – Easter Holidays (Term-time) = Weekends 11am – 5pm Weekdays 12pm – 4pm*

Easter Holidays = 10am – 6/7pm

Easter Holidays – Spring Half Term (Term-time) = Daily 11am – 5pm

Spring Half Term = Daily 10am – 6/7pm

Spring Half term – Summer Holidays (Term-time) = Daily 11am – 5/6pm

Summer Holidays = Daily 10am – 7/8pm

Summer Holidays – Autumn Half Term (Term-time) = Weekends 11am – 5pm Weekdays 12pm – 4/5pm*

Autumn Half Term = Daily 11am – 4/5pm*

Autumn Half Term – Christmas Holidays (Term-time) = Weekends only 12pm – 4pm*

Christmas Holidays = Santa Specials and General Running.**

* Weather permiting

** Seperate Advertising

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