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Our Best of British Range of Tea. A family run business in the Heart of Hastings Town East Sussex.

My father having a passion for two things in his life beautiful Jaguar cars and a proper cup of tea both of which he enjoyed and passed this on to me.

We visited many tea rooms and venues over the years including the Indian Docks in London where we would feast on Cream Teas and Afternoon Teas. Staff always making sure my father had the best of service because of his attention to detail regarding his tea.

He told me many stories regarding Lyons Corner House and the wonderful years during the war when visiting with my mother.

My idea stems from those wonderful stories about excellence of service through to choice of tea.

We strive at Harcourts to give an exceptional customer service experience with our variety of teas and aftercare service. My family and I look forward to your custom. Linda Harcourt

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