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Cannot be used with another promotion. Maximum number of children per TownCityCard is 4.

Clambers is one of the best Children’s Play Centre’s in the South East. Offering turn up and play, as well as amazing Party Packages.

Clambers has a huge soft play area with 1000s of coloured plastic balls for your children to dive into. There is two floor arena features cargo nets, swings and a huge bumpy slide. Adults can go in to supervise their children.

Clambers isn’t just the place to have fun on those cloudy days… When the sun comes out, enjoy Clambers’ huge garden! There’s a huge climbing frame, paddling pool, mega-sized sand pit, play houses, slides… and more!

There’s plenty of grass and picnic tables, so bring along a picnic or choose from their full cafe menu.

Clambers’ always have staff available to help you supervise. There are trained first-aiders, special safety surfaces, video surveillance, ‘Kiddy proof’ security gates – and of course Clambers is always kept spotlessly clean. TownCityCard members receive £1.50 off child admisson.

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