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Terms & Conditions Apply. One extra clue per group booking.

The only Escape Room in Hastings is the work of an evil genius. The premise is simple: solve puzzles to get out of a locked room. You have 60 minutes (and three clues which are essential when the solution eludes you) to solve all of the puzzles which will eventually allow you to escape.

The puzzles are extremely clever, the rooms have meticulous attention to detail and the atmosphere is brilliant. If you enjoy solving the puzzles in the Uncharted series, Resident Evil or even Professor Layton you will be in your element. The longer Extreme version is well worth the extra fiver. Abducted Live is perfect for team building, Stag or Hen do’s & parties. Build a team & book today. TownCityCard members get an extra clue, which you will find far more useful than a simple discount!

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