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 Terms & Conditions.

Cannot be used with another promotion.

DapperM is a mens fashion store in Battle, East Sussex.  They have attentively sourced distinctive Italian sophistication and design with the quirky sophistication of the English gentlemen, working class hero and a bit of a rogue.They are not merely a fashion establishment, they dress & they outfit their customers in the upmost of fashion. What looks and feels wonderful is in your hands.

Dapper M have come up with a number of fantastic collections & where possible they look after all shapes & sizes, please ask the friendly team for their advice. They really want you to look your best!

Lastly, if you’re searching for the perfect gift, we have a range of bespoke items & accessories together with our classy collections, but if uncertain we provide the DapperM gift voucher allowing the intended to pick out something for themselves. Town City Card members receive a 5% discount on all purchases.

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