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What are TownCityCards?

TownCityCards are an annual membership. Members can redeem any of the discounts listed on this website or on the Apple & Google Play Apps. You don’t have to live in the town or city  to buy one. However, you must have a valid TownCityCard to redeem the discounts.

Can I use my Town City Card in other towns?

Town City Cards have different designs but you can use them with all of the attractions, businesses, restaurants & shops listed on this site & the Town City Card app. This means that if you own, for example,  a Hastings Card you can use it it Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, St Leonards, Rye, Uckfield & across Sussex.

How do I get the discount or offer?

Easy. You show your TownCityCard and ask for the discount or offer. The business owner will check the expiry date on your card & give you the discount or offer. What’s brilliant is that you do not have to collect points, print our vouchers or remember to download a coupon.

Can I share my TownCityCard?

Yes, you can. However, for some discounts you may need more than one TownCityCard. Read the terms & conditions that are listed with every discount.

Do I have to have a TownCityCard to get the discount?

Yes, we have asked local businesses to only give you the discount when they have checked your valid TownCityCard.

What the difference between the 1066 Card, Battle Card, Bexhill Card, Eastbourne Card, Hailsham Card, Hastings Card, Marshall Tufflex Card, Pirate Card, Rye Card, St Leonards Card, Uckfield Card?

Apart from the logos they are the same. TownCityCards are accepted by all the businesses featured on towncitycards.com and our Apple & Android Apps.

What is a valid TownCityCard?

Every TownCityCard has an expiry date. Cards expire on the 31st December every year.

When your membership expires you must buy a new TownCityCard to continue your access to the Discounts. This website lists all the places where you can buy the card in town. You can also buy your TownCityCard from this website.

Do I need to register the TownCityCard to activate it?

Yes, you do have to activate your Town City Card. You can do so here www.towncitycards.com/activate 

What happens if I lose/damage my TownCityCard?

If you can provide proof of purchase (ie a receipt) and a Police reference number we will send you a new TownCityCard (£8 to cover admin & p&p)

Can I download the apps now?

Yes, you can download the apps for free. However you will need a valid TownCityCard to get the discounts.

I can't install the Google Play App because of Error Code 505

With the start-up of Android 5.0 Lollipop update in the various devices, a new error 505 has started showing up in the Google Play Store. If you are one of the victims, you may have noticed that whenever you try to install any app from the Google Play Store, it says- Unknown error code during Application install: -“505”. To call it just ‘Error 505‘ for ease, this code is also one of the various errors occurring in the Google Play Store, where the application downloads complete, but the error pops out whenever the device is trying to install the downloaded app.

Error 505As reported, most of the Adobe Air based apps are having the problem on working with the Lollipop and Marshmallow version, especially in the Nexus 7 2012 model tablet. The popular apps, such as RedTeam, Bingo Blitz and Evernote have their icons missing after being updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop, and show the error 505 code while trying to install them again.

Fixes for error 505
Symptoms: The apps icons will vanish. When you go to the play store, it will show you the ‘install’ option, which suggests the apps are hidden (if not uninstalled) from the device. Any other method, such as using the app uninstaller option also proves the app is not working. After you tap in the ‘install’ option, error 505 occurs.

Cause: Nothing is known about this yet, but the incompatibility issues are reported to be the major cause for the occurance of Error 505 for the Air-based apps. The app incompatible with the version and thus, hidden seems to be logical.

Solution: After you update your Android device to Android 5.0 Lollipop from an older version using Over-the-air update or sideloading factory image, do a factory reset. It has been found out that if you do a factory reset immediately after updating your Android version, the error does not occur, but if you don’t the error persists. Don’t forget to clear the cache too, going to Menu > Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Clear Cache. Clear the data too, from the very same option.

If the error still persists after having the factory reset after update, or in case you haven’t reset your device and using it suffering the updates, you can try a next method. If you are using the Adove Air 15 version, and it is showing the error, try using Adobe Air 14 and create the APK with captive runtime. This will most probably help you solve your problem.
If you are familiar with the Android Debug Bridge, use it to uninstall the apps (if they are just hidden and not uninstalled), and afterwards try to install the app again from the Play Store. [Useful for you: How to Install Android Debug Bridge (ADB).]

The App will then install.

What happens if I am refused a discount?

We have agreed all the discounts with the business owners. If you are refused the discount be polite & ask to speak to the manager.

It may be that the offer has terms & conditions attached to it or there is a new member of staff who is unaware of the discount.

We work hard to keep the website & apps updated for your enjoyment. Contact us here if you need to raise an issue.

Town City Card window stickers are displayed on shop & restaurant windows. The business will also be featured on the app & our website.

How can my business be included on the TownCityCard?

Please click here to feature your business. This is a free marketing tool for your business. All we require is a discount for our members to redeem. Due to the changing nature of MLM & affiliate businesses we are unable to promote these to our membership.

Will new discounts be added?

Yes, loads. In the last year many businesses have closed & new ones have opened. You will have the benefit of many new discounts to replace the ones that expire.

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