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Can I Buy Valium Over The Counter In Canada, Valium Sales Online Uk

Cannot be used with existing promotions. Excludes drinks.

The discount will be available all day during normal hours of trading, 7 days a week, on presentation of a valid Town City Card on arrival.

The discount will be applied to a maximum of four people ie 1 valid Town City Card per table or bill.

Although booking is not essential, and we welcome you to call in anytime, ownership of the TownCityCard does not guarantee we can seat you in the event that we are busy, so please do book if possible.

All menu items and specials are included in the offer.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Bank holiday days are included.

What’s not included:

Drinks. Red letter days and celebration day are excluded eg. Valentines day, Mother’s day.

Set price and pre agreed menus are excluded unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Callenders restaurant in Hailsham is perfect for relaxed casual dining, showcasing the best of locally sourced and grown produce. Enjoy a bottle of wine or a cold draught beer as you sample their menu of fantastic British food. Callenders use locally sourced fresh produce and ingredients.

All menu items, including breads, desserts and pastries are made there. A comprehensive menu and specials board make use of the best of local fresh fish and meats. Calendars offer a good vegetarian choice and gluten free options too.

20% off your total food  bill with any Town City Card.

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