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Cannot be used with existing promotions. The discount code will be revealed by submitting your Town City Card details below. A valid Town City Card must be shown on admission. £8.95 for one hour, applicable to the off peak hours which would be in term time after 3pm mid week and after 5pm at the weekends. 6 tickets per Town City Card holder.

Urban Jump in Heathfield is a super exciting multi activity centre for all the family and people of all ages and abilities. Urban Jump has a huge trampoline park, Urban Rainforest, soft play for the toddlers and relaxing cafe for everyone.

As the entire centre is indoors, Urban Jump is perfect for both Summer and Winter activities. So, if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day with the family or just some fun exercise, then pop along and see what we have to offer. Urban Jump has now become extremely popular so to avoid disappointment please book online first.

Town City Card members receive a discount when you enter ‘Open Session 1066 Card’ at the checkout. Book now online at Cheap Valium Uk

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