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All TownCityCards can be used in featured towns.

Annual Membership is only £10.


  • “I have had my Hastings Card for a couple of months now and would highly recommend them. As a parent of two it comes in handy for a day out to the attractions or if you are going out to eat. My kids love Rainbows Sweet Shop so I use my card in there all the time. You can’t go wrong for just a ten pounds and you make your money back so quickly. There is no sign up fees just a one off annual payment and it really comes in handy when money is tight!”

    Carly - Hastings

  • “A great way to get around the big stores and help each other with our own community
    I have just signed up for it and I love it. I saved £5 in Arcade Butchers & Arcade Fisheries in my first hour!”

    Beatrice - Hastings

  • “I’ve used the card a couple of times this month. No problem getting the discounts and it doesn’t feel ‘cheap’ asking for it!”

    Andy - Hastings

  • “I have saved a fortune on Pizzarelli. The card has paid for itself at least 4 times over and I’ve only had it for a month!”

    Nicola - Hastings

  • “We picked Daniel Rimell the Estate Agent because of his TownCityCard deal. We saved £268!”

    Melissa - Battle

  • “I save £5 every month on my fruit & veg shopping at Fruitique.”

    Marie - Hastings

  • “Amazing card with amazing offers! My wife saved over £15 in just one shop (vintage clothes) and we have been saving around town ever since. Totally recommend:)”

    Graeme - Battle

  • “It’s a no brainer. I saved £4 at Bluereef Aquarium on my first day of membership.”

    Ken - Hastings

  • “In the last year I’ve saved at least £100 just on lunches! ”

    Brandon - Hastings

  • “Fantastic to carry around saving money and getting little freebies all around the town :-) love it!”

    Abigaile - Hastings

  • “Superb discount card for local shopping. Encourages using smaller businesses. I have saved over £50 already using the card!”

    Greg - Robertsbridge

  • “I love sharing tea and cake with my friends, so this saves me pennies and allows me tohave extra cake dates, whilst also supporting local businesses.”

    Jodie - St Leonards

  • “I have saved around £30 so far in restaurants, shops and tea houses. Well worth buying one for the savings.”

    Sophie - St Leonards

  • “Great card to have. I saved £2 at 1066 Target Sports. Made a great alternative girls night out on Valentine’s Day!”

    Nina - Hastings

  • “I recently had dinner with two close friends at Mama Putts, we used our Hastings Card and saved over £15 off the bill! I have also saved money at BlueReef & Clambers. My TownCityCard has already saved me more money than i paid for it!”

    Elliott - Hastings

  • “Great moneysaving idea! Have used this card in restaurants, attractions and for services across the town. At only a tenner it’s madness not to have one.”

    Joel - Hastings

  • “I eat at Simply Italian every week. Now I receive a complimentary glass of wine because of the TownCityCard”

    Paul - Rye

  • “Fantastic way of saving money while supporting our local shops. In less than a week I had recouped the cost of the card, by using it when i replaced the screen on my daughters phone at the Mobile Centre, a visit to The True Crime Museum, snacks from Yam Yams and The Turret.”

    Mandy - Hastings

  • “Fabulous. A great way to support local businessss and save money. A win win situation.”

    Karina - St Leonards

  • “These cards are great way to shop local, support local businesses and save money!. ”

    Katherine, Hastings - Branded

  • “I love Town City Cards, I use my Hastings Card all the time, making savings when buying through local businesses. I also use the Hastings Card at my business which often saves my clients hundreds of pounds. ”

    Daniel, Hastings - Daniel Rimell Online Estate Agent

  • “Jason’s Garden Landscaping Ltd are delighted to have been invited by Chris to be a member business of the Eastbourne and Hastings cards. Such a great idea to promote offers to the general public and trade to local businesses. Thank you Chris. ”

    Jason - Jason's Garden Landscaping, Eastbourne

  • “A fantastic company and extremely professional to deal with. Supporting local companies and charities. Love the discounts i get when using my card. ”

    Jo, Hastings - The Y Front Run

  • “The Town City cards are great way to shop local, support local businesses and save money! You know it makes sense!! ”

    Marcia - The Fruitique, Hastings

  • “We have had more repeat visits because of the TownCityCards. Nothing bad to say about it. It’s a smart business decision.”

    Jason - 1066 Target Sports, Hastings

  • “A great way to promote community minded local businesses whilst saving the local community money :) great idea keep up the good work”

    Sifu Neil - 1066 Wing Chun Schools, Hastings

  • “We have had new customers because we are on this website.”

    Ian - Wisdens, Hastings

  • “Had a customer yesterday spend a good amount of money , before he paid me he bought the TownCityCard ! Saved 10% with me. Let’s just say he nearly paid for his membership in one spend!”

    Paul - Arcade Fisheries, Hastings

  • “A couple of Marshall Tufflex & Hastings Council Workers now benefit from our discount because they have a TownCityCard. ”

    Greg - Little Darby's, Hastings

  • “The Hastings and St leonards card is a brilliant way to save money. Shops and places offer different discounts . There are over a hundred now where you can use the card . I run the Happy Kitchen cafe in St. Andrews market and offer free refills with this card”

    Lesley - The Happy Kitchen, Hastings

  • “We sell TownCityCards at the Hastings Tourist Information Centre. It’s a great way to save money in town ”

    Lara - Tourist Information Centre, Hastings


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*Terms & Conditions Apply. You don’t need to collect points. You don’t need to print out coupons & vouchers. You don’t top up your TownCityCard with money. It’s as simple as using a library card. It’s just a very cool membership that will save you money when you buy local.